ExamTone is a user-friendly online assessment platform that allows you to asses candidates for FREE!

A user-friendly and headache eliminating, online platform that allows you to assess candidates for free at your own discretion!

ExamTone features an automated system of assessments without borders.

  1. Multiple-choice Questions
  2. Fill-in-the-blank Questions
  3. Embed Images in Questions
  4. Group Questions & Auto Corrections
    ...plus many more

How it works

Examtone is simple and easy to use, in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up FREE
  2. Create a test
    Create your test by setting your questions and answer options.
  3. Send Invitations
    Send test invitations to the candidates that you want to take your test..
  4. Get Results


What people are saying about Examtone is important to us

As a service that is designed to ease the stress of creating and administering examinations anytime and anywhere, we take our clients’ opinions seriously.


Why choose ExamTone?

Because it is a stress-free way that allows you to set the tone for your exams and assessments.


Result Analytics

Access to online, real-time analytics of the results as soon as candidates press the submit button.


Private Messaging

Send private messages to candidates and other users of Examtone


Instant Results

The system takes care of the marking of the test. Ensuring instant results.


Instant Notification System

Get notifications instantly when your candidates submit their tests.


Custom Page

Custom pages for your profile and tests you create. Share your page with your candidates.



Your privacy is important to us. We ensure that you have control over your personal information.

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